While this title is borrowed from Atlassian conference, the content is my own take on how to work with designers as a Product Manager.

Some of the questions I often get from product managers when working with designers are:

  • Why is the design so far off from what I expect?
  • How do I influence design without overstepping?
  • How should I critique design?

Though most seasoned product managers made it look easy, it’s actually much harder than it looks, especially for people new to product management. …

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One of the challenges of shipping AI-enabled experiences is the shift of product management practices. As this is a fairly new domain, most product teams are not well-equipped to handle the end-to-end delivery of an AI/ML project. This leads to a lot of frustrations, quality issues, and worse, decreasing stakeholder’s buy-ins in the organization. Hence, the followings share some of the key tips distilled from my own experiences building and shipping AI/ML projects.

Assess if it’s worth investing AI/ML

One of the biggest mistakes is overestimating the potential business return an AI/ML project can bring without prior validations to be certain of its impact. …

A product’s success is defined by a set of decisions made by a team of engineers, designers, analysts and product managers among others. Spotify has brought accessibility in music to over 100 million active users, and 40 million subscribers in 2016. This piece will outline Spotify’s smart product choices through the use of its brand name: “SPOT it”, “what IF” and “the whY”.

From the sub-string “Spot” of “Spotify”.

Increase frequency of positive feelings

Spotify has managed to consistently trigger the happy chemicals in our brain with the use of a feature — Spotify running. Ever find yourself working out to the beat of your favourite workout song/playlist? How did it…

The hows and whys to building a sustaining tech product

I have always been a big fan of Slack ever since the day I started using its web application (and later mobile application) to manage my team. Later on, I came across Slack’s growth statistics that has ignited my curiosity as to why and how did Slack become such a successful product.

This article aims to explain and extrapolate Slack’s product development strategy based on the stories and information readily available through our favourite search engine — Google. …

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