While this title is borrowed from Atlassian conference, the content is my own take on how to work with designers as a Product Manager.

Some of the questions I often get from product managers when working with designers are:

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One of the challenges of shipping AI-enabled experiences is the shift of product management practices. As this is a fairly new domain, most product teams are not well-equipped to handle the end-to-end delivery of an AI/ML project. This leads to a lot of frustrations, quality issues, and worse, decreasing stakeholder’s…

A product’s success is defined by a set of decisions made by a team of engineers, designers, analysts and product managers among others. Spotify has brought accessibility in music to over 100 million active users, and 40 million subscribers in 2016. …

The hows and whys to building a sustaining tech product

I have always been a big fan of Slack ever since the day I started using its web application (and later mobile application) to manage my team. …

Angeline Lim

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